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Wake Screensaver Give a brand-new meaning to "sleep mode" on your computer with this haunting screensaver for PCs. To install, click the resolution of your screen size and choose "Run." (Or save the file to your computer, and then run it separately.) If you're not sure what your screen size is, try 1024x768.

1024 x 768 | 800 x 600


Give your computer desktop a haunting beauty with these wallpapers. Choose the one you want, and then click the screen resolution below it that your computer is set at. (If you're not sure, we recommend you try 1024 x 768 first). Once the image opens up on your screen, right-click your mouse and select "Set as Background."

Change them as often as you like!


Wake Avatar 1
Wake Avatar 1 (100 x 100)

Wake Avatar 2
Wake Avatar 2 (100 x 100)

Wake Avatar 3
Wake Avatar 3 (100 x 100)

Dream Journal

Try keeping track of your own dreams via a dream journal. You can use the PDF file below to print out your own dream journal stationery.

Dream Journal

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